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Our Team

Helping Poultry Farms Grow

Since 1999

Paul Higgins
Founder and President

Paul Higgins founded PS Higgins Electrical Services in 1999 and has since become a market leader in poultry farming installations.


His expertise in design, implementation and maintenance makes him a highly valued asset to any poultry farmer.


Paul is dedicated to advancing poultry farming towards a fully enriched housing and free-range industry.

Away from business, Paul likes to spend quality time with his wife Deborah and his three children.

Deborah Higgins
Treasurer and Secretary

Deborah Higgins has been an ever-present employee of PS Higgins Electrical Services, having run operations and administration since 1999.


Deborah looks to play an integral role in the U.S. expansion, continuing her duties for PS Higgins Poultry Services. Her vast experience makes Deborah an integral member of the board of directors.

Deborah values her family time highly and loves nothing more than vacationing with her husband, sons, and daughter


Our Story

With over 20 years of electrical experience in the U.K., PS Higgins has helped chicken farmers by providing innovative solutions that deliver state-of-the-art poultry facilities.


The company has now shifted its focus and is dedicated to providing expertise to U.S. farms and electrical service providers in efforts to advance the U.S. market towards greener and more ethical operations. 

Our team offers a range of consultancy and management services that look to create not only profitable solutions for you but long-lasting relationships dedicated to achieving advancement in animal welfare.


Driven by consumer demand, U.S. regulations are changing and PS Higgins Poultry Service is the go-to service in providing the knowledge to help you stay ahead of the curve.

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