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Lighting & Nest Control



Lighting & Nest Control

Optimize Poultry Performance with Expert Light Climate Solutions

The lighting within your poultry housing plays a critical role in influencing the behavior and health of your flock. With our partner HATO, we leverage a deep understanding of agricultural lighting to assist in the comprehensive design of your housing, crafting a light climate that fosters enhanced growth rates, elevated egg production, and efficient feed consumption.

Specialized Poultry House Lighting

Understanding that different types of poultry housing necessitate unique lighting solutions, our lighting partner HATO offers specialized lighting systems designed to modulate animal behavior positively. Their solutions are aimed at encouraging optimal feed consumption and establishing beneficial daily and nocturnal rhythms, thereby bolstering overall health and productivity.

With our expertise, we guide you in achieving precise light distribution and intensity, essential for the welfare and improvement of both you and your animals. Discover more about their innovative lighting solutions at HATO Agricultural Lighting.

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Advanced Poultry Nest Control

Our automatic nest control system is engineered to efficiently direct your animals to their designated areas, ensuring they reach the appropriate floor as needed. By strategically adjusting lighting, we facilitate the movement of animals across different levels. Enhancing light intensity during key periods can significantly reduce the occurrence of out-of-nest laying, optimizing egg production.

Utilizing HATO's advanced lighting and control systems not only supports animal well-being but also contributes to your farm's productivity and sustainability. Learn how their lighting solutions can transform your poultry housing by visiting their website.

Do you want to improve your animal performance?

Benefits of lighting & nest control

Lighting & nest control can help you to improve the health and performance of your animals as well as to optimize production and feed intake.

Improved animal health

Equal light distribution

Increase growth performance

Higher feed intake

Optimize egg production

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