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Lighting & Nest Control



Lighting & Nest Control

Improve performance with a light climate

The house lighting has a huge impact on the behavior and health of your animals. We can help with your total house design to create a light climate that improves animal growth performance, egg production, and animal feed consumption.

Poultry house lighting

Light is used to help influence the behavior of your animals, each type of poultry housing requires specific lighting. It can be used to promote feed consumption and influences the daily & nightly rhythms to improve animal health. 

We can help you design correct light distribution and light intensity to help you and your animlas improve.

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Poultry nest control

Our automatic nest control system helps to train your animals to get to where they need to go. It helps with getting them to the right floor when they need to be there. 

By dimming lighting controls in order, we are able to lead animals to different floors. While increasing light intensity can help during the laying period to prevent eggs that are laid out-of-nest.

Do you want to improve your animal performance?

Benefits of lighting & nest control

Lighting & nest control can help you to improve the health and performance of your animals as well as to optimize production and feed intake.

Improved animal health

Equal light distribution

Increase growth performance

Higher feed intake

Optimize egg production

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