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Feed & Water Control



Feed & Water Control

Automated feed control reduces costs

An automated feeding strategy can help increase improve your animal's feed conversion and indicate the health of your animals. Our automatic feed gives you daily insight into feed consumption and costs by ensuring that the right amount of feed reaches the animals when they need it. 

Silo weighing feed registration

Our silo weighing system gives you automatic feed control and daily insights into feed consumption. 

Send the right amount of feed automatically from the silos into the barn, the amount is determined by the number of grams per animal per day. 

This helps you to keep track of consumption and know when it's time to order feed again.

Electronic feed weigher for feed registration

The system uses an electronic feed weigher before sending the feed into the barn. This method is the most accurate way to ensure feed control. 

With this system, you are able to mix several types of feed accurately to maintain the right proportions and mixing ratio. 

Automatic feed control for every system

No matter what kind of feeding system you use in your barn, whether it is feed chains, feed pans, or spin feeders our system will help to optimize the feed consumption.

Do you want daily insight & total control of your barns?

Benefits of poultry feed & water control

Our automatic feed and water control system will ensure that your animals are getting the right amount of feed. You will be able to gain insight into feed and consumption costs to help improve your poultry feed conversion and the about the health of your animals.

Accurate feed dosing

Flock uniformity

Improved feed conversion

Feed & water consumption insight

Animal health indication

Current silo content monitoring

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