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Climate Control



Climate Control

Optimum barn conditions improve growth

An optimum barn climate can help increase the growth and health of your animals. With our climate control systems, you can create the right temperature and relative humidity to make them feel comfortable. A good controlled climate really makes a difference, and we can help you achieve that!

Complete control of desired barn climate

Creating the right climate in your barn is important. Our system has the right measuring instruments that will be able to perfectly balance the ventilation, heating, and cooling of your barn. 

We use the basis of temperature, relative humidity, and negative pressure in your barn to create the right climate.


We also take into account your animal's weight and age, barn CO2 and NH3 levels, wind direction and speed to ensure you have the best climate for your needs!

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Perfect for every ventilation approach

No matter what type of ventilation or outdoor climate you have in your poultry house, our system will always ensure the perfect barn climate. 

Whether you use lengthwise, combi, tunnel, or any other ventilation combination our systems have different settings to guarantee the perfect air distribution in your barn. 

FreeFlow® ventilation

FreeFlow® is the ideal ventilation system to avoid wet litter and strong airflow at the pop holes. Even when pop holes are open it ensures optimum air distribution throughout the barn. 

FreeFlow® uses positive pressure ventilation when the pop holes are open, it can also be used on the basis of equal pressure if needed due to local environmental requirements. 

FreeFlow® is the ideal ventilation system for free range poultry houses. 

Do you want the perfect climate in your poultry houses?

Benefits of poultry climate control

With a good climate control system, extreme weather conditions and fluctuations during the day and at night won't have an impact on your barn's climate. This creates a pleasant living environment that improves the growth and health of your animals, as well as a comfortable working environment for you.

Higher animal welfare

Flock uniformity

Lower mortality

Perfect barn air distribution

Better Growth

Pleasant environment for living & working

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