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Animal Weighing



Animal Weighing

Insight into growth performance and animal health 

As a poultry farmer, it is important to monitor your animals' growth. Our animal weighing solutions give insight into the average weight, uniformity and distribution among your animals. This will help to keep you up to date on the weight development of your flock and an indication of your animals' health.

Animal weighing scales

Our systems are able to accurately determine the average weight of your animals using differential weighing detected by the scale. 

No matter what type of poultry or barn we are able to help give you accurate weighing scales.

Poultry solutions - Animal weighing - He

Broiler weighing solution

Get insight into the growth performance of your animals and ensure the broilers are delivered at the optimum weight. 

Our system allows you to monitor animals on special diets or feeding schedules, with up-to-date insight you can take action to improve results on your poultry farm.

Do you want an automatic animal weighing system?

Benefits of animal weighing

A good animal weighing system can give you insights into the growth development of your animals. Track your growth progress and get an insight into the health of your animals.

Animal health indication

Flock uniformity

Optimum sale weight

Growth performance insight

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