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Egg Flow Control & Counting



Egg Flow Control & Counting

Automatically register the number of eggs in your poultry houses

Our automatic egg counters can help you keep track of every egg in your poultry house. Giving you insight into the egg production of your layers and breeders while staying up-to-date on the health of your animals and laying percentage.

Egg Flow Control

Our unique Egg Flow Control system helps you save on production costs by creating a smooth egg flow from the hen house all the way to the packing point. 

The user-friendly design decreases the amount of stopping which leads to less shell damage, reduced collection time and better egg quality. Less staff are needed to operate the system resulting in lower packing costs!

Run the Egg Flow Control in batches, per barn, or by collecting all hen houses at once.

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Egg counting for different poultry houses

Our systems can be used in many different types of poultry houses. Whether group housing, free-range or aviary housing systems for nest and cross belts.

The fully automatic system provides a unique and highly innovative way of counting eggs.


Accurate counting helps make deviations per barn and group visible, giving you insight into determining the best strategy for your farm.

Do you want to optimize your egg flow system?

Benefits of egg flow control & counting

Using an egg flow control & counting system can help your farm reduce costs while giving insight into the laying percentage and health of your animals.

Animal health indication

Reduce egg shell damage

Laying percentage insight

Save on packing costs

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