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Farm Management



Farm Management

Clearly display all relevant poultry data

The Novus Farm Management program is perfect for the farmer wanting to quickly check and compare accurate results about animal weight, egg production, climate, feed & water intake and more, from all your poultry houses. As the poultry farmer, you have complete control over the insights about your animals, you can even personalize your dashboard to show which data is most important for you and your farm.

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Compare animal performance

Get the insights you need about your animals in an easy-to-understand display with Novus Farm Management.


The program allows you to easily compare the performance of your current flock to other houses and even finished flocks using measurements including growth performance, laying percentage, feed conversion, and Production Efficiency Factor (PEF).

Log all your data

The log graph gives you easy-to-understand insights that can help you quickly recognize any deviations in trends. This allows you, the poultry farmer, to select which data you want to log from various items at the intervals you choose. 

You can even select logging per minute to understand the daily feed and water consumption of your flock. 

To make things easier, you can export this management and log data as a CSV file and use it for other purposes. 

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Choose your insights

Automatically register controls of your choosing over a period of up to a month. This allows you to get a quick insight into the impact of certain controls in your poultry house for longer periods of time. 

With Novus Farm Management you can register the run time of manure belts or heat exchanger, for example. 

The program also allows you to give the competent authority insight to show that you are in compliance with poultry welfare and regulations.

Safety alarm center

Receive personal alerts if anything changes within your houses. The Novus Farm Management alarm center uses a priority categorizer to make it clear wether immediate action is needed or whether it can be handled during daily rounds.

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Fortica® automation system

Fortica® provides more efficient business operations to help achieve better animal performance. It does this by using a complete automation system that gives you access to management information quickly and clearly.


This information allows you, the poultry farmer, to manage and respond to any changes on your farm directly which results in improved animal performance. 

Want more information about Novus Farm Management?

Benefits of a farm management system

Novus Farm Management can help you, the poultry farmer, gain quick and easy-to-understand insights into your farm. Collect and compare data from all of your houses of animal weight, egg production, climate, feed & water intake and more. Customize the program to fit your personal preferences of what's important on your farm.

Easy-to-understand data

Poultry housing climate insights

Egg production analysis

Feed & water consumption insight

Animal performance indication

Customizable dashboards

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