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Sime-Tek - Italian Passion for Eggs

P.S. Higgins Poultry Services is glad to be able to provide US farmers with one of the best solutions for on-site packing of eggs. We have partnered with Sime-tek to bring you an egg packer you can depend on that will fit in just about any space you need it to!


Sime-tek's technological research and innovative designs create intuitive, easy-to-use and reliable systems which seamlessly integrate with your exiting processes.  Their approach is tailor-made for every project with the goal of increasing productivity whilst improving grading and packing processes, every packer is compact, versatile and completely automatic.  Using high quality pre-stressed stainless steel they provide an extremely gentle handling of the eggs.


The revolutionary Minipack-stack+ can be mobile, with fixed or variable speeds and it can be straight with curved exits.  Boasting a capacity of 20,000 eggs per hour, it provides a full solution for packing, stacking and storing.  Sime-tek's unique deposit method guarantees eggs are gently placed into the packs at the lowest height, using 'Sime-tek Hands'.  Thanks to the non-stop working concept, it guarantees time saving in collecting and the minimum need for spare parts.

Minipack-Stack 20

The revolutionary compact farmpacker, the Minipack-Stack 20 has been remodeled to reach even higher capacities in tighter spaces.  The accumulator can connect to multiple conveyors coming directly from the farm, where soft rotating star wheels manage an incoming egg flow.  The packers represent the unique style of Sime-tek, the original system of protection and support of the eggs, equipped with 'Sime-tek Hands' for precise and delicate handling of the eggs.

Idrapack 30

The Idrapack 30 is versatile and compact with a high capacity.  Ideal for the collection of eggs on a medium sized egg farm.  Connected to a conveyor coming directly from the sheds, with a capacity of 25,000-30,000 eggs per hour and a variable speed, this machine can adapt when your production grows.  Equipped with 'Sime-tek Hands', the packing system accompanies the eggs in the packages and deposits them at the lowest level possible.

Speed regulation from 20,000 - 30,000 eph

Completely automatic

Compact & versatile

Precise & delicate

Adapts when production grows

Full solution for packing, stacking & storing

'Sime-Tek Hands' ensure gentle handling of eggs

Touch screen operation

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